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To all who may have family & friends in the path of Hurricane Harvey, our thoughts & prayers are with you.
If anyone is wondering how to help, information is available locally on this website.
The Bank Will Be Closed
Save the Dates

Community Appreciation Lunch

Banking on the go
Everest Financial


Did You Know?

● There are approximately 111 million Baby Boomers and Gen X people in the United States.

If you need care, HOW will it affect your spouse, family, children, grandchildren? AND...if you need care, how will you pay for it?

● Nursing Home prices today cost on average $80,000/year and home health care is about $40,000/year.

Do you want to protect your family from having to deal with taking care of you on a daily basis? We are going to be holding a seminar in September addressing these issues.

All Seminars are held at Peoples First Savings Bank in Mason
225 Reading Road  |  Mason, Ohio 45040

September 12, 2017 at 6:00pm
Social Security Seminar

September 19, 2017 at 6:00pm
Issues Surrounding Long Term Care

September 21, 2017 at 6:00pm
What to do when a Spouse or Loved one Dies

this is a new topic this year and should be an eye opening and extremely informative event.


CALL LISA TODAY (513) 229-5321

Hope you can attend..
As always, all seminars are for educational purposes only.  If you feel you may want to discuss your insurance needs, please stop in and let's talk about it.
Joe Duffey 

Contact Joe Duffey
Back to School
Best of luck to all the students, teachers, and school bus drivers. Have a safe and productive 2017/2018 School Year!

With school back in session for many areas we wanted to share a reminder for school bus safety.

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Lunch box Fun-Due

What You Need
1/2 cup turkey breast
1/2 cup boiled ham
1/2 cup cheddar cheese or 1/2 cup provolone cheese or 1/2 cup monterey jack cheese or 1/2 cup American cheese
2 medium carrots, peeled
2 celery ribs
3 tablespoons salsa
3 tablespoons ranch dressing
1 slice angel food cake
1/2 pint strawberry, hulled

Make It

Cut turkey, ham, and cheese into bite sized cubes. Cut carrots and celery into sticks. Place these into lunch box.
Mix salsa and ranch dressing in a small sealable container for dipping savory dippers into.
Cut angel food slice into cubes and place in another container in lunch box.
Puree strawberries with a splash of water or juice in a blender. Pour into another small sealable container for dipping cake cubes into. This can also be made with frozen strawberries.

Frozen Fruit Cups

What You Need
16 ounces frozen sweetened strawberries, thawed
12 ounces pineapple-orange juice concentrate, thawed
2 (20 ounce) cans crushed pineapple, undrained
2 (11 ounce) cans mandarin oranges, undrained
6 bananas, diced (yellow but not too ripe)
1⁄3 cup lemon juice (bottled is fine)
16 ounces frozen blueberries

Make It

Combine all ingredients in a very large bowl. 
Freeze in 1-cup increments. 
Thaw slightly before serving, to a slushy consistency.

50 Questions To Ask Your Kids Instead Of Asking “How Was Your Day”
by Leslie Means
  1. What made you smile today?
  2. Can you tell me an example of kindness you saw/showed? 
  3. Was there an example of unkindness? How did you respond?
  4. Does everyone have a friend at recess?
  5. What was the book about that your teacher read?
  6. What’s the word of the week?
  7. Did anyone do anything silly to make you laugh?
  8. Did anyone cry?
  9. What did you do that was creative?
  10. What is the most popular game at recess?
  11. What was the best thing that happened today?
  12. Did you help anyone today?
  13. Did you tell anyone “thank you?”
  14. Who did you sit with at lunch?
  15. What made you laugh?
  16. Did you learn something you didn’t understand?
  17. Who inspired you today?
  18. What was the peak and the pit?
  19. What was your least favorite part of the day?
  20. Was anyone in your class gone today?
  21. Did you ever feel unsafe?
  22. What is something you heard that surprised you?
  23. What is something you saw that made you think?
  24. Who did you play with today?
  25. Tell me something you know today that you didn’t know yesterday.
  26. What is something that challenged you?
  27. How did someone fill your bucket today? Whose bucket did you fill?
  28. Did you like your lunch?
  29. Rate your day on a scale from 1-10.
  30. Did anyone get in trouble today?
  31. How were you brave today?
  32. What questions did you ask at school today?
  33. Tell us your top two things from the day (before you can be excused from the dinner table!). 
  34. What are you looking forward to tomorrow?
  35. What are you reading?
  36. What was the hardest rule to follow today?
  37. Teach me something I don’t know.
  38. If you could change one thing about your day, what would it be?
  39. (For older kids):  Do you feel prepared for your history test?” or, “Is there anything on your mind that you’d like to talk about?” (In my opinion, the key is not only the way a question is phrased, but responding in a supportive way.)
  40. Who did you share your snacks with at lunch?
  41. What made your teacher smile? What made her frown?
  42. What kind of person were you today?
  43. What made you feel happy? 
  44. What made you feel proud?
  45. What made you feel loved?
  46. Did you learn any new words today?
  47. What do you hope to do before school is out for the year?
  48. If you could switch seats with anyone in class, who would it be? And why?
  49. What is your least favorite part of the school building? And favorite?
  50. If you switched places with your teacher tomorrow, what would you teach the class?
Pitrelli’s Italian Café

Pitrelli's Italian Café

Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Thursday: 5-9pm Lounge: 9:30
Friday-Saturday: 5-10pm Lounge: 10:30
Sunday: Closed

We invite you to join us in our relaxed Italian atmosphere...

At Pitrelli's, we pride ourselves in serving only authentic Italian cuisine and we work hard to offer a great selection of wines.

Pitrelli's entrees and appetizers capture flavors from several regions of Italy, from our light and delicate sauces of the north to the full flavor red sauces of the south. Our sauces are made fresh daily in our kitchen and we incorporate only the freshest, highest quality ingredients.

Linda and I hope you will come and join us for dinner and let Pitrelli's Italian Ristoranté become "your new favorite Italian Restaurant.” Enjoy a cocktail in our new lounge before or after your meal. Buon Appetito!
404 2nd Avenue, Mason, OH 45040
Dine In or Carry Out  |  Phone: (513) 770-0122  •  Fax: (513) 492-7917

bike MS logo

Bill, a Client Manager and Loan Originator here at the bank, and his wife, Sherri had their annual Multiple Sclerosis (MS) bike ride the weekend of August 6 where they, combined, peddled 175 miles raising funds for the fight against MS, a disabling disease of the central nervous system.  The cause of MS is still unknown.


Together with a team of 17 dedicated riders, they have collected over $14,600 for this worthy cause.  The weekend's entire 2017 Bike MS event has received over $275,000.00 and counting. This is not possible without the generous donations which make a difference in helping to fight MS.

Visit for more information

The Dragonfly Foundation has many opportunities to volunteer; also many upcoming fundraising events that are easy to support if you know that they are available to you.  Please check the calendar for an opportunity near you.  These include shopping/dining/walks/runs. There is something for everyone.  Great times to gather friends together to make a difference.

View the Dragonfly Events Calendar

autumn leaves border
You Don't Want To Miss It!

The Arts Alliance Fall Fair September 17
@ Cottrell Park - 5847 Irwin Simpson Road

Enjoy the Best Food, Drinks, Entertainment and More! 

October 25, 2017
Sharonville Convention Center
5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

The Best of the North is a celebration and competition between the top establishments from Northern Cincinnati. The event will feature booths hosted by participating Best of the North finalists from categories including food, retail, and service organizations.

A ticket gets you unlimited food samples, 2 drinks, and entertainment! 

*Nominations through September 8th* 

For questions, please contact Stephanie McFarland at or 513-297-1350
Do you know someone who wants to refinance or is looking to purchase a home?
Easy to Make the Switch
Do you know someone who is thinking of refinancing or buying?
Share with a friend!
Online Lending, Mortgage Loans Have Never Been Easier

Happy Birthday cupcakes




Thank you, Donna Goulet, for sharing a couple of healthy pie recipes to try out before the holidays.

Healthy Fruit Pie

What You Need
1 reduced fat graham cracker pie crust
1 8 ounce container of sugar free cool whip thawed
1 large package of sugar free Jello (use powder only DON’T add any water)
1 small container of Greek yogurt (can use regular yogurt)
Zest of fruit using, optional
Fruit Pie
Orange Jello - orange zest, orange crème yogurt & large can of mandarin oranges (not cut up and drained)
Lemon Jello – lemon zest, lemon yogurt and can add blueberries or raspberries
Lime Jello – lime zest and key lime yogurt
Raspberry Jello – raspberry yogurt and fresh raspberries
Strawberry Jello – strawberry yogurt and fresh strawberries cut up
Cherry Jello – cherry yogurt and if in season cut up cherries
Black Cherry Jello – black cherry yogurt and blackberries
Make It
In a large bowl mix thawed cool whip and Jello powder together.
Add the yogurt, zest and fruit using for the pie. 
Stir and mix well. 
Pour into pie crust and let sit for 4 hours or longer. 
Make the pie first thing in the morning if serving that night.


What You Need
1 reduced fat graham cracker pie crust
1 Small box sugar free vanilla instant pudding mix
1 – 8oz. sugar free cool whip thawed
1 small can pumpkin
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
2 Tablespoons brown sugar Truvia, Splenda or whatever you like
Pumpkin Pie
Make It
Mix cool whip and pudding mix together (dry powder don’t add milk).
Add pumpkin, spices and brown sugar. 
Put into pie shell and refrigerate 4 hours or longer.

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