Peoples First Savings Bank-COVID-19: Update on Policies & Procedures

As of May 26, 2020 Peoples First Savings Bank will be opening the doors back up for regular business. Please keep in mind that we should still be practicing all the same safety precautions as we have been over the last few months but with some added measures. 

These measures are as follows:

  • The bank will be installing safety shields in teller windows at both locations for protection
  • Face masks are being provided but are not mandated to worn
  • There will be hand sanitizer made available for customers and employees
  • Customers coming into the branch that are wearing masks are being asked to temporarily remove the face mask so we are able to identify them and then they may replace their face mask. If they do not wish to remove the face mask temporarily then we are asking for them to please use the drive-thru
  • Restrooms moving forward will be for employees only

Stay safe, and as always thank you for banking with Peoples First.

Ryan A. Mccurley