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Peoples First Savings Bank Q&A


Why does Peoples First deserve its customers’ trust?

We are over 100 years strong! This heritage, as well as our strength, security and stability, was built upon a philosophy of putting our customers’ interests first.


What is unique about Peoples First?

We are a “mutual” company, which means that each depositor has a stake and ownership in our bank. Each customer is a member of our family. We are a hometown bank, not a conglomerate or multinational corporation. This is our home, and our customers -- our neighbors -- are a part of the Peoples First family.


Why should local ownership and management of a bank matter?

Peoples First provides lending and saving services to our neighbors and friends, and it is your neighbors and friends who save, lend and manage our bank. As a result, we have a bigger stake in the success of our customers than some of our competitors. Local ownership and management also gives us more autonomy in decisions that affect our customers. For example, when lending, Peoples First understands that life events are an important consideration along with credit scores. We do everything we can to help our customers live the ‘American dream’ responsibly and with expert guidance.


Is the bank a member of the FDIC? Why is that important?

Yes, we are! FDIC membership ensures that money held in savings, checking and other deposit accounts are safe. The FDIC insures up to $250,000 per depositor in each bank or thrift. It does not insure securities, mutual funds or similar types of investments that some banks and thrifts offer. For more information, please visit


Are deposits secure?

100% of the products we offer are insured to the legal limits of the FDIC and are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government. For more information, please visit


How can Peoples First’s Customer Care Representatives support my banking needs?

Our Customer Care Representatives have more education, experience and total knowledge of the banking system than you’ll find at other banks. In fact, they are able to solve most questions in a single phone call. What’s even better? We do not use an answering service during business hours. Our Customer Care Representatives take your call promptly, want to answer your questions, want you to be happy and look forward to sharing your successes. They put People First.


Do you offer both commercial and residential banking?

We offer a wide range of both personal and business products. Please see our home page for more information.


How is Peoples First Savings Bank involved with the Kiwanis Club?

Peoples First Savings Bank’s chairman of the board, Don Williams, as well as board member, Dick Yost, and President, Ryan McCurley, have been active supporters of the Mason Kiwanis Club for more than six decades combined. In fact, all three have been past Presidents of the organization. The Kiwanis Club is important to Peoples First Savings Bank because they are committed to supporting our community and performing a family of programs that benefit children, locally and worldwide. To get more information or to join our efforts, please contact a Peoples First Customer Care Representative or visit



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